Trolley XP platform full digital color doppler ultrasound diagnostic system

Model: XF7800
Place of Origin: Sichuan,China (Mainland)
Brand Name: XianFeng
doppler ultrasound scanner: color doppler ultrasound
power doppler ultraound: heart ultrasound
carotid doppler ultrasound: abdominal ultrasound
venous doppler ultrasound: leg ultrasound
ultrasound scan abdomen: Trolley Doppler
doppler scan: medical ultrasound
heart doppler ultrasound: arterial doppler
3D scan: 4D scanner


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Product Description

Payment & Shipping Terms Supply Capacity
Unit Price:6.0 USDProduction Capacity:2000
Trade Term:FOB,CFR,CIF,CIP,CPT,FCAPacking:1090mm*700mm*1130mm
Payment Terms:Paypal, L/C, T/T, WU, Money GramDelivery Date:within 7 days
Min. Order:1 Set/Sets
Means of Transport:Ocean, Air, Land

XF7800 color doppler ultrasound system adopts the imaging technology of pioneer high-end

 products, with excellent image quality, efficient operation flow and high cost performance, 

which can meet the extensive clinical diagnosis needs and create greater value for hospitals.

Humanized ergonomic design

• a 15-inch LCD display that rotates up and down, left and right

• compact fuselage, easy to move 

• flexible lifting panel

• two-level backlit keyboard, more convenient to operateIt can meet the needs of clinical diagnosis and improve

   the confidence of diagnosis

.• broadband frequency shift harmonic imagingIt can effectively reduce noise and improve contrast resolution

• intelligent speckle noise suppression imagingIntelligent speckle noise suppression technology can intelligently

  identify different tissue information in different spatial dimensions, inhibit the display of speckle noise edge

  information, and make the image more exquisite.

• intelligent space composite imagingIntelligent spatial composite imaging technology, through

   spatial multi-angle deflection scanning, updates echo signals received from different angles 

   in real time, continuously updates fusion imaging, effectively inhibits random noise and

    clutter signals under the premise of guaranteeing the temporal resolution, enhances the

    target organization display, and improves the spatial resolution of the image.High resolution

    medical liquid crystal display

• flexible adjustment of control panel

Main feature: 

*High-definition digital continuous beam former
*Dynamic Frequency Fusion Imaging technology:

*High-definition delay point-by-point dynamic receive focusing:

*Ultra-wideband Imaging technology:

*Adaptive image optimization technology:

*Adaptive angiography

*Adaptive Doppler Imaging technology
*Tissue Harmonic Imaging technology

                               XF7800 color doppler ultrasound system

Image processing Instruction

Sound beam processing

Image Pre-processing

Total gain: 0~100 adjustable

TGC: 8-segment TGC adjustable

Acoustic output: Low, medium and High 3 levels adjustable

Gray-level: 0-15 levels adjustable

Number of digital channels: 32

Scanning parameters:

                                         XF7800 color doppler ultrasound system

Image Display:

256 levels gray scale display two-dimensional image

Display histogram

Image rotation: left/right, up/down, 90-degree rotation.

Depth range: 3-24 cm (22 levels) each probe has a corresponding depth range

Focus mode: Continuous dynamic focus, dynamic aperture

Dynamic range: ≥120dB (visual, adjustable)

M mode speed: 3-level adjustable

Changing perspectives: 3 kinds of angle adjustable (only applies to convex array)

Display TGC curve

Black-White correlation

Video output: VGA


General measurement

B Mode measurement: distance, area (distance measurement method, ellipse distance method, trace method, 

line method), circumstance (distance measurement method, ellipse distance method, trace method, line

 method), volume (double-plane method, trace-length method, ellipse-length method, diameter method,

 ellipse method), angle and ratio.

M Mode measurement: slope, ratio, distance, heart rate and time.

D Mode measurement: Flow Doppler measurement, velocity, acceleration, time, ratio, RI (Resistance Index) 

and stroke volume.

Gynecology measurement and analysis

Measurement items include uterus, endometrium, ovary, cervix, and follicle.

Obstetric measurement and analysis

GS(Gestational Sac), CRL(Crown Rump Length), LV(Lumbar Vertebra), BPD(Biparietal Diameter),

 OFD(Occipitofrontal Diameter), HC(Head Circumference), TAD(Transverse Abdomen Diameter), LVW(Width

of posterior horn of lateral ventricle), HW(Hemispheres Width), TCD(Transverse Cerebellar Diameter), IOD

(Orbita Insider Diameter), OOD(Outer Orbita Diameter), BD(Binocular Diameter), APTD(Thorax Anterior-Posterior

 Diameter), TTD(Thorax Transverse Diameter), AC(Abdomen Circumference), APD(Abdominal Anterior-Posterior

 Diameter), FTA(Fetal Trunk Abdominal area), HL(Humerus Length), ULNA(Ulna length), RAD(Radius length),

 FL(Femur Length), TIB (Tibia length), FIB (Fibula length), APTDxTTD, CLAV(Clavicle length), Hip dysplasia {Hip

 angle measurement}etc, can calculation gestational age, fetal weight, estimated delivery date, Chinese

 population formula, Fetal physiology score.

Urology measurement and analysis

Prostate volume, Bladder volume, Residual Urine Volume, Prostate Transition Zone, Hip angle measurement

 and evaluation (newborn hip dislocation diagnosis), section measurement (V-Slice)

Cardiology measurement and analysis

Measurement items in B Mode, B/B Mode, CFM Mode, PDI Mode:

Mitral valve: E-point septal separation (EPSS), Left Ventricular Outflow Tract (LVOT) Diameter, Mitral valve 

area, Mitral valve diameter

Aorta/Left atrium: LVOT Diameter, Aorta cusp space (AoCS), Aorta/Left atrium

Aortic Valve: LVOT Diameter, Aorta Valve Area

Left Ventricle Measurement: Diastole, Systole

Left Ventricle function

LV Mass

l  Measurement items in M, /B/M Mode:

Aorta/Left atrium: LVOT Diameter, Aorta cusp space (AoCS), Left Ventricle Ejection Time, Left Ventricular 

Pre-ejection Period (LVPEP), Aorta/Left atrium

Mitral valve: E wave amplitude, A wave amplitude, Diastole excursion, DE amplitude, E-point septal separation

 (EPSS), EF slope

Left Ventricle Measurement: Diastole, Systole

Left Ventricle function

l  Measurement items in PW Mode:

Left Ventricular Outflow Tract (LVOT):LVOT, Aorta Valve Area

Mitral valve: Ratio E/A, Velocity integral (VTI), Mitral valve Area, Isovolumic Relaxation Time (IVRT), Heart Rate

Aortic Valve Systole: Velocity integral (VTI), Acceleration, Aorta Valve Area, Heart Rate

Tricuspid valves: Ratio E/A, Velocity integral (VTI), Tricuspid valve area, Heart Rate

Pulmonary Valve: Velocity integral (VTI), acceleration

Pulmonary veins: Systole/Diastole, A. Rev Velocity, A. Rev Duration

Tissue Doppler: Ratio E/A, Isovolumic Relaxation Time (IVRT), Acceleration time, Deceleration time

Left-to-right shunt ratio (Qp/Qs): Pulmonary Valve, Aortic Valve

Small parts and Peripheral Vessel measurement and analysis

Main measurement and analysis: vessel sectional area, heart rate, stroke volume, Unit time flow, Ejection 

time, Stenosis ratio, MFV (Mean Flow Velocity), RI (Resistance Index) and PI (Pulsatility Index).

Measurement report

Obstetric measurement report, gynecology measurement report, cardiology measurement report, urology

 measurement report and other measurement reports Automatically store measurement results and generate report.


More than or equal to 95 kinds of body marks with probe position, which can be quickly selected by intuitive 

and detailed body mark interface Text mark can preset text content Arrow mark supports multiple arrow marks 

and adjustable direction Patient data: Medical record management, report inquiry and printing, image video 

output( HDD ,USB, Optional DVD-RW),built-in ultrasound workstation;Reporting system: automatic report 

generation system, and can be full screen characters in both Chinese and English editor;

Standard configuration:

Host .convex probe.linear probe.trans-vaginal probe.  one each;

Image storage: Image storage, video storage, cine loop, disk storage capacity≥120G;

Output interface:SR323,USB,DICOM interface;

Displayer: 15 or 17 inch LCD color display;

Running hours: ≥8h;

Input power: ≤320V;

Host weight: about 80 kg;

Host appearance size: 950 ×520× 1260(length × width × height) (mm3).

Category: Mobile Trolley Ultrasound System

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